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2013 Top Ten Goals

I thought this was a neat idea/writing prompt to start off the year.

Since I started the blog off with the photo challenge, I am posting it now! Feb is not too late to set some goals! In fact, it doesn’t have to be a new year to set goals at all!

Make a New Year’s resolution list that includes 10 goals. They don’t all have to be writing-related, but at least 3 of them do. Then refer to this post often this year and update it as you complete your goals.

1. Seriously pursue the publication of my devotion book (Finish edits, send to professional editor and save $$ to self-publish through Lulu).

          (2-24-13): I haven’t made much progress on this, but simply because I haven’t set aside the time. Still thinking about it…

2. Consistently blog for the entire year. I started my blog back up this past September, and I have really enjoyed blogging, now that I have established goals for writing. Let’s see if I can keep it up for the entire year!

           (2-24-13): As of now, I’ve done a pretty good job of posting 2-3 entries a week. I am  starting to feel like my blog is becoming a copy cat of many of the blogs I read, because I enjoy them so much, and I want to avoid that. So, I keep asking the questions, “What makes my blog unique?” and “How am I set apart as a person and as a blogger?” 

3. Participate in more synchroblogs/link ups and learn how to gain readership. I really love to write and am thankful for those who read now, but I would love to broaden my audience and meet new people! (Any tips are appreciated!)

         (2-24-13): I have consistently been participating in HopefulLeigh’s monthly link up. I love learning from others inspiration and finding commonalities and encouragements!

4. Participate in more running races. I’ve found that if I am signed up to run a race, I am more motivated to keep up my daily runs. I think I will take a break from marathons this year, but am excited for a possible Color Run and other fun competitions!

         (2-24-13): The Color Run is coming to Baltimore and we were amongst the first to sign up! I guess it sold out, too! I’m not usually into the fad of trying the “popular races,” but my sister has run it before and says it’s pretty awesome, so I am excited!

         Also, my husband entered us into a competition where we test our sit ups, push ups and 2 mile running totals over the course of 4 months, so that is going to get me in pretty good shape! (And I will be writing about it on our blog: coming soon!) 

5. Get in a fist fight with my husband. Yep, you heard right. My husband likes to say it like that, but what he means is to learn martial arts together. This is one of his loves from long ago, and he wants to share it with me and also teach me self-defense! I am excited to share in this experience with him and learn some helpful skills!

6. Guest post on a blog. I have written one or two special posts, but would love to guest post for a fellow blogger!

         (2-24-13): I was asked to guest blog on a friend’s website, so I am pretty excited about that! No date or topic set yet, but glad to be networking! 

7. Drink more water. A kidney stone (named Bernard) in 2011 continues to motivate this goal, plus I just feel better and it’s healthier to do this.

          (2-24-13): Developing a more regular running routine has sure helped with this one! 

8. Meet new friends and stay connected to the rest of them. We moved to a new place and I have yet to make any real connections. I miss my friends and am thankful for their presence and need to honor that with phone calls, notes and occasional visits. I also need to meet new friends, because having those people who you can go out to coffee with, enjoy company and share life with, is very important!

9. Read more. New books, old books, books I’ve read before, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had difficulty in recent years sitting and reading anything for long amounts of time. It makes me sad, because it’s a past time I loved when I was a teenager. I really just need to turn my phone off and then maybe I will really get to enjoy reading.

          (Early Feb) I just signed up for this challenge. Now someone is keeping me accountable and I am excited to read a list of classics, both re-reading some and trying new ones. But since I started late, I only have one month to read Anna Karenina…wish me luck!

         (2-24-13) – I am failing miserably! I downloaded Anna Karenina onto my Kindle (for free, no less) and have not made the time to read more than a few pages! Aaah! Any tips on removing distractions? Also, I just need to be more disciplined! 

10. Launch my new website. My husband created a website for me(!!), where I plan to move my blog…It’s still in progress, but get ready for a big reveal in a month or so!

       (2-24-13): Website has launched…check! He stil needs to add a link to this blog but you can check it out at 

What are some of your goals for 2013?

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