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2017 Year in Review: A Huge Learning Curve

I am very thankful for high school US history and government classes for giving me a basic understanding of our democratic system here in our country. But this last year has been a huge learning curve for me in regards to what happens every day in each of our three branches of government and how it impacts so many lives.
I will admit that since I became a voting member of society, I had chosen to be ignorant. I didn’t like watching the news. The brokenness of our political system was too much to bear. It was easier to remain ignorant.
…Until I realized how human lives are affected. No longer am I going to apologize when I bring up politics because decisions made by our leaders directly impact people I care about: my family, neighbor and me. All of a sudden I want to read the tax bill because it impacts my family’s finances. But in addition, so many of these issues impact those around me: my neighbor, who I am to love and care for as if they were me.
One of my proudest moments this year was participation in the Women’s March in DC in January. It was my first experience going to an event of this kind and little did I know it would be a historic experience.
Kristine, Jack and I on our way to the rally and march. Thankfully it was an unseasonably warm day.
Saw this sign online after, but if you are introverted like me the march could have been tough. But the resolve to participate gave me everything I needed to be part of one of the largest movements in history!
  • Focus on this verse & discover how to live it out:  “Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with my God” – Micah 6:8

There were many opportunities to live out this verse this past year. I experienced it through extremely tough conversations with loved ones, interactions around challenging topics and several times in the midst of all of it, I was  humbled.

We voted in our local election this past November and it was probably the first time that I had learned enough info to really know the local candidates I was voting for and why I wanted to elect them.

This year I have learned that it’s important to pay attention and understand the issues because people’s lives are at stake. Health care, taxes, education, immigration, etc….are important, even if they don’t impact me. Protesting is a right and makes a positive difference.

I am no longer in a sheltered bubble and while it’s a bit uncomfortable, I’m being stretched and growing in new and important ways.

Jesus says many times that the poor will always be with us, which means we need to take care of them without judgement or the idea that if they work harder, they can get to a better place. Everyone deserves access to health care without having to pay a fortune. The color of your skin does have an impact on how you are treated and and we need to do a better job of understand the perspective of those who aren’t like us.

I’m finding my voice and trying to use it to speak up for and treat others just as Christ teaches us to do. It’s not easy and it’s not supposed to be, but it’s important to living out the purpose we have been given to love others with the same grace and mercy we have been given.



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