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2017 Year in Review: New Adventures

2017 brought some new adventures, with travel to some new places, visits with family and friends and meeting new people!

We had family visit from Michigan and got to experience a few of our favorite places (and some new ones) through the eyes of our 4 year old nieces!

Jack and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a short trip to Rehoboth Beach. We had heard rave reviews about the beaches in Delaware and we loved it!

We woke up early one morning to watch the sunrise on the beach!
We opened an envelope of notes written at our wedding reception for this year’s celebration!

8 days after surgery (Dr. orders were a week on the couch), I got on a plane and headed to Salt Lake City for a Jamberry conference! I have been a consultant for this company for almost 4 years and I was excited I was finally able to travel to their international conference!

Finding my name on the wall was pretty cool!
Loved the conference theme!

A friend and fellow consultant was an amazing travel buddy considering I was still a bit tender and slow from surgery. We met a new friend along the way and had a fabulous time! We were able to purchase food from a local grocery store while there and that trip helped me find the courage to re-introduce foods into my diet.

All dressed up for Awards Night!
I got to meet some of my teammates, which I had only interacted with online. We are sprinkled across the country and it was wonderful to come together for a few days!

In July we saw Wonder Woman in a super fun way….At the drive in! Jack bought a radio and some headphones and we hopped on the back of the motorcycle (with lawn chairs in tow) and rode to the movies! It was an awesome movie to see and even fun to have fireworks going off in various places as we watched the action!

One of the events I was very much looking forward to in 2017 was attending my 10 year college reunion. Unfortunately the timing did not work out. Still I was beyond blessed in another way because on a work trip to the Chicago area, I was able to see family and meet my new nephew!

Hanging out with Gavin!


We had some more fun with friends locally in the past few months, with firsts at the National Theatre and football stadium!

There are already a few new adventures planned for 2018 and we look forward to opportunities to connect with the family and friends we hold near and dear to our hearts!

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