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2018 Reflection: Transformation

How have I been transformed in 2018? It’s been a journey, but one that I can now reflect back on as having purpose and meaning for my year.

God’s Word transformed me as I listened to the whole Bible in a year. Many books, chapters and verses had an impact on me, but bigger than that was the consistency of being in the Bible everyday. God is faithful in His presence and what He reveals when we are reading the God-breathed Scripture.

A series of tragic events caused me to realize that I needed to write on the important topic of mental health, and more so, our personal journey with it. Though its completion won’t come until 2019, I’ve learned and conversed with many people to take the next steps in the writing process. My perspective has been transformed in a way that motivates me not only to finish the book, but to speak up and change people’s judgements.

I began reading books about race this year and they have been eye opening., even more so than everything I’ve learned being in a “mixed marriage.” I’ve had to do a lot of unlearning, which is as important as learning, I believe. Not too many people are willing to reflect on what they have learned and go in a different direction, leaving behind things someone they loved might have taught them as truth. This practice has been one in which I want everyone to engage in, so I am sure I will have more to say about it in the new year. I am thankful to my spouse for challenging me in this way, because it’s important, especially in this broken world.

God transformed my heart as we ended up putting down roots in Maryland. I never would have imagined in January of this year that by June we would own a house! God softened my attitude to exploring possibilities that had been right in front of me for the last few years. But I was blinded by my desire for change and didn’t think it could come by staying put. God surprised me, yet again, and I am thankful . We have a lot of renovations to do to the house in 2019, but I am excited.

As I contemplate a Bible verse for 2019, I am ready to move forward. I’m thankful for the opportunity to meditate on one verse for the entire year, as it weaved its way through my everyday life. God certainly transformed me through the renewing of my mind, as He pointed me to Jesus.

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  • Kim

    My word for 2018 was Hope, for the 2nd year. I felt I was to Be Hope to others, rather than, but still clinging to, the Hope in and of Christ that 2017 had been. I anticipated it being fairly tangible, things or conversations that I could point specifically to. While there were a couple of experiences that did fall into that category, by Oct. I was feeling I had kind of failed at Being Hope. Through prayer and discernment, I felt God showing me that to Be Hope to others is actually being myself with His Light and Love reflecting through.

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