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2019: Time to LIVE

As I reflected on 2018 and began thinking about what word and Bible passage I wanted to focus on in 2019, the word, “Live,” came to mind. I spent a lot of 2018 worrying about how I wanted to change things, instead of living in the moment of each day. I haven’t had the energy to truly live the way God intended me to.

I’m ready to live out the life gifted to me in 2019. And not just living ,but living like Jesus. What does that look like? It certainly won’t look perfect, but as much talking that has gone on in these past years, I am ready to treat people with kindness, not just talk about it. I am ready to care for those who don’t have a voice, not just talk about it. If I am going to claim to be a disciple of Christ, I must live like one.

I found a good follow up to reading the Bible in a year, in the Dwell App. They have reading plans just like other Bible apps, but I love the voices used. I came across a plan called “Red Letters,” where I will listen to all the teachings of Jesus from the Gospel narratives in the first 73 days of the year. Seems like the perfect way to start off my focus this year.

In 2018, I sort of gave up on motivation to exercise. I think that was the first time in my lifetime that that had happened. It didn’t feel good. Living means taking care of the body God gave me and enjoying it, too! I’m ready to find my running groove again and do it because I want to.

All the goals don’t have to be set now, it’s not a requirement for January 1. In fact, making a list can be overwhelming and we heap on expectations in the new year that we didn’t have on the last day of the previous year. It’s rather unrealistic.

I am looking forward to seeing how God reveals Himself to me in this passage and how it plays out in my daily walk with Him.

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