31 Days

31 Days of Hope (#write31days-Day 1)

When asked on a recent trip out of town, “How was your summer?” The best I could muster was “OK.” The reality is that it was rough.

Our summer included physical, mental and emotional health struggles for both me and my husband. Surgery and recovery, depression, anxiety and a lot of difficult situations. Tension and distance made it challenging to repair broken family relationships and even as time has passed, there aren’t really answers on how to fix them.

In addition to all of that, the general challenges of being an adult added stress to our daily life.

So, yes, it was just “OK.”

As I began contemplating what to choose as a topic for this challenge (as I now look forward to it each year), I couldn’t decide if I should take a serious route to reflect what was going on, or go completely off the wall to lighten the mood.

In recent weeks, a stronger sense of optimism has emerged and I landed on the desire to focus on restoration: the word that arose was HOPE. So, over the next 31 days, my prayer is to reflect on the hope I see in God’s Word, the people around me and even in this broken world. I want to share that this month for my own journey forward, as well as for yours.

This will certainly be a challenge for me, as I don’t always see hope in my day, especially in recent months.

I just heard a song, “All My Hope”, by David Crowder on the radio a few days ago. The first line of the song carries me in the hope gifted to me: “I’ve been held by the Savior…”

I think it’s a good place to begin this journey.

Day 2 – What do you see?
Day 3 – “You Won’t Let Go”
Day 4 – Abide with Me
Day 5 – Pause
Day 6 – Stuck
Day 7 – Where can we find hope?
Day 8 – Song of Hope
Day 9 – Define it
Day 10 – Hope in Emptiness
Day 11 – Hope is…
Day 12 – Only Through Him 
Day 13 – Like a Light Switch
Day 14 – Hope in Blessings 
Day 15 – Chain Breaker
Day 16 – God of Hope
Day 17 – Me Too
Day 18 – A Moment to Breathe
Day 19 – One Little Word 
Day 20 – “But Wholly Lean” 
Day 21 – Another Week
Day 22 – Thy Strong Word
Day 23 – Sandtown
Day 24 – Rock Bottom
Day 25 – Hope Rising 
Day 26 – Change
Day 27 – Living Hope 
Day 28 – The Simplicity of a Saturday Morning 
Day 29 – You Give Hope 
Day 30 – The Certainty of Hope 
Day 31 – Hope Restored



  • Kim

    Hi Emily,

    I was drawn to your topic of Hope. That is my word for 2017. It has been a tough year. So, I look forward to reading how you FIND Hope in daily life.

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