5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Thanks to Pam Hogeweide for this idea, such a great one! Check her out here! Here are 5 things you didn’t know about me! I would love for you to comment so I can learn about you too!

1) I never took driver’s Ed.
    Don’t worry, I am all legal. And in fact, a very safe driver. When I was 15/16, the law stated that you could get your permit at 15 and take Driver’s Ed OR wait until 16 to get your permit and just have to take the knowledge test when you got your permit and license. I didn’t seem to have much time for driver’s Ed, nor did I want to take it because of my shy demeanor, so my dad taught me. I think I was probably the most receptive student out of his three daughters and he did a great job! I ended up getting my license at 16 1/2 instead of 16 and 1 month.

2) I started drinking coffee after visiting a foreign country.
     Prior to a mission trip to Brazil my sophomore year of college, I drank sugar and cream with my coffee. But in South America, they drink it strong, when it’s 100+ degrees outside, in the middle of the afternoon. And that’s how I got hooked.

3) I got my first tattoo when I was 27 and my 2nd one less than 5 months later.
    In August of 2011, my then-boyfriend and I made a commitment to run a marathon the following January. We completed the race and three weeks later, got individual tattoos marking the accomplishment! Less than 5 months later, we were engaged and married and displayed that commitment with tattoo rings!

4) I am left-handed, red-haired and O-negative, which is apparently a rare combination.
    Around 10% of the world population is left-handed, 1-2% is red-haired and 7% of the US population is O negative.  So I guess that makes me a rare gem!

5) We told our friends about our engagement with a REVERSE surprise party!
     We invited friends over to check out a new movie project we had been working on, which ended up telling the story of how we met, our dating and engagement. It was pretty awesome and my now husband is so creative and did a great job putting it together!

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