31 Days

A Moment to Breathe (#write31days – Day 18)

Yesterday I left a day early for a work conference.

I wanted to ride with a friend, versus driving the 3+ hours alone and it was more convenient to leave early.

This meant that for the last several days, I had to work ahead and pick up my pace in order to get everything in place to be away.

There’s sometimes more work to be done before leaving than when coming back from a trip away from the office.

So when I got in the car on Tuesday morning, as my husband committed to driving through DC traffic to get me to my friend’s house, I was able to slow down.

We arrived and were invited in for a cup of coffee and conversation.

A moment to breathe

My friend and I drove the couple of hours, as the sun shone outside and the trip took hardly any time at all, with good conversation and keeping up with the quick pace of fellow highway drivers.

A moment to breathe

We checked into the room and then parted ways. I had a whole afternoon in front of me with work to do, but no particular schedule.

A moment to breathe

As I explored the hotel looking for lunch, I bumped into a friend and colleague in ministry. A rare break in both of our days allowed for us to sit and eat together.

A moment to breathe

An afternoon, sitting with a view of God’s creation, writing, reading and preparing for the days ahead.

A moment to breathe

Dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and the luxury just to listen and chime in when asked to.

A moment to breathe

Meeting new friends, preparing swag bags and a glass of wine and conversation.

A moment to breathe

Friends with caring hearts and listening ears. Moments to listen and care in return. Opportunities to pray together and just be.

Hope moved through each of these moments in my day. I am thankful for the ordinary moments that meant so much more to me.


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