A New Year begins with Advent: Hope

I realize that I wasn’t able to post every day during 30 days of thanks. I also realize that it’s not about completing a task, but truly being thankful. I am and continue to be whether I am writing it through a blog post and regardless of what month it is.

I kid you not, the day after Thanksgiving, I began to feel anxious.

  • Friday morning I woke up realizing that my Christmas shopping wasn’t done.
  • I knew we had to figure out our travel plans for seeing family and what I had originally finalized now had to be re-thought.
  • There are so many family and friends I want to see in the four short days we will be home and trying to figure out how it will happen is a bit overwhelming
  • And then seeing family members who I haven’t spoken to in many months keeps me praying for good outcomes.

Rarely do the holidays cause that feeling inside of me. I love the season of Advent and the opportunity to be reminded of why we are celebrating, in the midst of all the holiday craziness. I love the Christmas season and all that it is about (tree trimming, Christmas movies & music, gift-giving, etc…), but I don’t want the true reason to celebrate to get lost among the decorations, parties and gifts.

I love the  anticipation for a great Christmas celebration of the birth of our Savior!

I had this grand plan to do another themed month with my blog.

This year for Advent, we presented a project for families at our church to build a Jesse Tree. I was going to do my own (and I still am) and share an ornament a day on the blog. But the thought of that commitment also made me feel anxious, and that is not why I write on this blog.


I am going to take a step back & simplify, which is challenging to do in a season like this one! There are four weeks in Advent and four candles that are lit. Each representing something that Jesus brings us: Hope, Love, Joy & Peace!

I will post a new one each Sunday and continue with regular posts as I desire throughout the week.

I came across this blog and video by Ann Voskamp. I just watched and she talks about the very Scripture I heard in worship this weekend about Job. Here’s a man who has lost everything and yet he still has hope in the Lord. It’s a reminder of the many blessings I have and where my hope is found. I begin Advent today with a sense of calm, centered in the hope Christ brings to us this season.




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