A Tale of Two Halves

I was watching football this weekend (and there have been some great playoff games) and began thinking about the correlation between the first half of a football game and the first half of my 2016.

The first half of a sporting event is often filled with anticipation and excited energy. Things may start off a little slow, but once a rhythm is established, a team can function on all cylinders and make plays to score points.

Eighteen days into the new year and I already feel like I have established a good rhythm. It started off slow, with a few frustrating days, but it’s gotten better with time. I have multiple trips planned (following through with my goal to travel more), I am trying more new activities and meeting new people and I am just excited about what is coming up these next few months.  But almost everything planned is happening in the first 6 months of the year. It seems to be my pattern to front load all the fun because the previous 2nd half of the year was filled with stress and emptiness in many areas of my life.

The second half of a game can often look quite different from the first half. If a team has done well they may keep the same game plan, but if one has done poorly, they make adjustments to play better and score points in order to win the game.

I think in 2nd halves of previous years of my life I have either become stagnant after a great start or didn’t make the needed adjustments to fix issues in my plan.

I want to think about 2016 differently, like two halves. As I continue in the first half, I am excited about all the plans I have made, commitments I am keeping and goals I am setting for myself. On July 1 I will be celebrating 2016 -Part II and taking a look at what is to come. Hopefully by then I will have more to be excited about and committed to as I enter the 2nd half of the year.

It’s all about perspective.

How is your first half of 2016 shaping up?



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