I am feeling anxious.

Do you ever feel that way?

That’s a silly question, I am sure you do. Even so, it’s an uneasy feeling.

What am I anxious about?

Well, I am not exactly sure, it could be several things, but overall I just feel uneasy.

I wish this feeling would go away.

I want to feel at peace with what’s going on in life and not worry. “Who of you by worrying will add a single hour to your life?” it says in Matthew 6.

Perhaps I have the post-holiday blues…back to work, back to the grind. Plus, the weather dropped 40 degrees overnight.

Whatever it is, I pray to God that it settles, or disappears, or gets pushed back into the far crevices of my mind. I would rather look forward to life: a trip to New Orleans, summer weather, a more laidback work schedule…

I pray to God that this anxiety goes away…

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