Before you post or respond…

I just attended a historic event and have so much to share. But as an introvert, I am still processing, because there’s so much to reflect upon. This weekend, I noticed something that has been happening for several months, however, this time it struck me differently. So, first, let’s talk about how we treat one another and … [Read more…]


I started a “new year, new focus” blog post a couple of days ago, but  it wasn’t resonating with me. Something wasn’t right. We all go through this process, whether it be the beginning of a new year, at our birthdays, or at some other time when we want to make a change. Over the last … [Read more…]

Reflection of 2016

In the last several years, I have chosen a word or theme to focus on in a new year. As I began reflecting back on the flurry of 2016, I could not recall what I started the year with. I went back and read this post and realized I has selected a Bible passage. But … [Read more…]

Songs of Christmas: Unto Us

I discovered this song on Spotify and enjoyed listening to it this season: I’ve added Bible verses that I connect with these lyrics below: The world was covered by the night longing for the light lost in sin and shame “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light … [Read more…]

Songs of Christmas: Go Tell it on the Mountain

The shepherds were ordinary people, just like us. In fact, they were working the night shift, like so many workers in various industries every night. For many, the work doesn’t stop because the sun has gone down. The extraordinary came upon the ordinary on routine night. The job they had was 24 hours a day: … [Read more…]

Songs of Christmas: Joy to the World

Our world is in need of some joy right about now. While I had not been avoiding the dire situation in Aleppo, I hadn’t read much until I came across this letter, written by Ann Voskamp. The pictures are difficult to take in. The real time tweets from Bana are unimaginable, and yet they are … [Read more…]

Songs of Christmas

They are songs and hymns we have heard dozens of times each Christmas, adding up to hundreds and thousands of times we’ve heard them whether we are celebrating our 12th or 60th season. Yet, dependent upon the year we’ve had or the type of season it is, sometimes the words of these songs are heard … [Read more…]