Generation Z

Last week another tragedy hit our country and shook me. It shook a lot of people. I dove into the news coverage, afraid after 24 hours it would get buried under other less than important stories. But something extraordinary happened. Teens who were experiencing all the emotions that come with such a horrific event, were … [Read more…]

Speaking up in the Messy

The next post I had planned to write was sharing all the wonderful insights from my experience in NYC at #VoxCon.  There’s so much to process and it takes time. My biggest takeaway from that event was to “Keep writing and speak up…especially in the messy.” Today was already a unique day. This is the … [Read more…]

My Focus for 2018

I’ve joined in the practice in selecting a word at the beginning of each new year. Most of the time, I have forgotten the word (as we forget or fail at resolutions), but I feel like it’s still an important exercise to end one year and begin another. A few days ago a friend posted … [Read more…]


This weekend I was struggling with forgiveness in regards to processing several particularly difficult situations. In a conversation with my spouse, he shared some Scripture and a devotional exercise. I am used to being the one leading the Bible study or devotion, so it was nice to listen and also a surprise, as he is … [Read more…]