This weekend I was struggling with forgiveness in regards to processing several particularly difficult situations. In a conversation with my spouse, he shared some Scripture and a devotional exercise. I am used to being the one leading the Bible study or devotion, so it was nice to listen and also a surprise, as he is … [Read more…]

“Come & behold Him…”

In the middle of November, our Sunday school curriculum focused on Jesus’ journey to the cross, death and resurrection. While this is typically the focus around Easter time, it is also the crux of our Christian faith, so I love that we were studying and highlighting this portion of Scripture together. I used a technique … [Read more…]

Grace Expectations

A few weeks ago, right before falling asleep, I began stressing about the holidays. It was the strangest thing, because it is my favorite time of year. I was thinking about to do lists,  travel plans, family dynamics and how busy the next month could potentially be. Then I read this blog post, which put … [Read more…]

We Need Jesus

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post and I am not on the track I intended with regular posting this month. Many thoughts have been swirling in my mind, but none of them have landed on this blog,  my journal or another spot. In a sense, it’s been overwhelming not to be able to … [Read more…]