Hope Rising (#write31days-Day 25)

Hope is rising. Yesterday’s post had no expectations from me other than being an outlet to share something deep and personal. I had hope that my sharing would impact others who walked this road in their own lives. After I wrote it, the weight was lifted and I could feel a difference in my demeanor. … [Read more…]

Rock Bottom (#write31days-Day 24)

I’ve been waiting to write this post since I began this series. This topic was one that helped me focus in on the idea of hope. But, I’ve also been postponing writing it, because I knew it would take energy and a look back at a darker time, a moment described as rock bottom. As … [Read more…]

Sandtown (#write31days-Day 23)

It’s been two and a half years since I joined a number of individuals who gathered together for difficult discussion and walked the streets of Baltimore, praying, as the city was in uproar over the death of Freddie Gray. After the news cameras went away and the trials were over, a group remained, walking the … [Read more…]

Thy Strong Word (#write31days-Day 22)

The worship I participated in on Wednesday evening has stayed with me and is resonating with me this morning. Though our official Reformation celebration won’t take place until next week, we can honor and celebrate it each day, as it reminds us that our faith is all about Jesus and His saving work for us. … [Read more…]

Another week (#write31day-Day 21)

There’s hope in making it through another week, which was full of encouragement and connections. As I reflect back on my conference experience, I see… Reconnecting with ministry friends and meeting new ones Worship bringing tears to my eyes as I sat at God’s feet and rested in Him & His saving grace Promoting a … [Read more…]

One Little Word (#write31days-Day 19)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am at a conference. As a church professional, I serve in a large geographical area, which covers several states. Because of this, we only gather as a district every 3 years. As the event began, with each interaction with friends and new connections, I felt hopeful. Often, these type … [Read more…]

Me Too. (#write31days – Day 17)

When I see copy/paste type posts on Facebook I usually gloss over them. They are an equivalent to me of the dreaded “email forward,” which I always felt compelled to share back in the day. However, when I came across the following status of a friend, I paused: “Me too. If all the women who … [Read more…]

God of Hope (#write31days-Day 16)

This is one of the crosses on that wall I talked about in a post last week. It’s small, but it stands out, with the light colors and the giant letters spelling HOPE. The verse written on the cross comes from Romans 15:13: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as … [Read more…]