Church: Love it don’t leave it: An article from my CPYU email…short, concise, food for thought… How do we keep people in the church without fluffling it up? How do we get at the heart of it, that it’s all about Jesus?

mistakes: part I

A college prof told my classmates a few years ago that we would all make one big mistake in our first year out of school. So, that first year I was very conscious of my actions and kept wondering what that mistake would be and when it would happen. Well after two years out, I … [Read more…]


I’ve learned that every day is a gift. It might be a great day, it might be a crappy day, it might be a day where you are feeling sorry for yourself. But every single day is a gift from God.

not so perfect

I have returned from vacation, rested and refreshed. I have also returned from a time away where I began to question who I am and what I have done in life. Jokingly, many people perceive me as “perfect”, a word I would never identify with. Sure, I am a perfectionist, but it’s not an attainable … [Read more…]


Death happens every day, it is inevitable. Because of our sinful selves, the devil and the world, we know that we are mortal and will die someday. This week marked the death of three “celebrities”, and the more it happens the more I wonder why some people’s death’s are talked about more than others. Does … [Read more…]

caught up

I was so caught up in this and didn’t want to be. I think we can learn a lot from this post by Walt Mueller: We can certainly pray for this family.