Chain Breaker (#write31days-Day 15)

I heard this song on the radio the other day and it’s one of my favorites right now. “If you’ve got pain He’s a pain taker If you feel lost He’s a way maker If you need freedom or saving He’s a prison-shaking Savior If you’ve got chains He’s a chain breaker” So much hope … [Read more…]

Hope in Blessings (#write31days-Day 14)

The weekend is a good time to reflect on the week behind you. During the month of October, I’ve started the practice of writing down things I am grateful for before I go to bed. It’s a routine I’ve done before and I love doing it at bedtime because I can think about my day … [Read more…]

Only Through Him (#write31days-Day 12)

There are many ways I have seen hope lost recently. I’ve not been directly impacted by any of these events, and so only speak from what I have seen, not what I have experienced. Hurricanes. Flooding. Wildfires. We provide a roof over the heads of our loved ones. We are blessed with material possessions which aid … [Read more…]

Hope is… (#write31days-Day 11)

Hope is… Planning trips a few months down the road, with excitement and anticipation. It is short and simple but something that has been missing in my life for some time. It’s encouraging to look forward to traveling, new adventures, fun with friends and re-discovering purpose.

Hope in Emptiness (#write31days – Day 10)

I am typically an optimist. A hopeful person. The glass is always half-full. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. There’s always a way out. Never give up.  The cross is empty and so is the tomb.  Wait, huh? How can emptiness bring about any hope? … [Read more…]

Define It (#write31days – Day 9)

Usually if I am writing on a theme, I like to define it. Optimism is usually my wheel house, so as I contemplated this topic, I really landed in the realm of the 2nd transitive verb definition: “to expect with confidence: TRUST”.  This definition reminds me of a Bible verse from the book of Hebrews. “Now faith … [Read more…]

Where Can We Find Hope? (#write31days-Day 7)

Sometimes hope is hard to find. There aren’t many good news stories. Before bed, as my spouse is typically scrolling through Twitter, I always make sure that if he is going to share something with me, he must also include something good. Sometimes it’s too hard to bear all the brokenness. I recognize that I have … [Read more…]

Stuck (#write31days-Day 6)

We are on day 6 of this 31 day writing challenge and I am already stuck. I went through several theme ideas before landing on the idea of hope and I was excited of the challenge to write everyday, as I have for the past couple of years. But this was the first year I … [Read more…]