Death happens every day, it is inevitable. Because of our sinful selves, the devil and the world, we know that we are mortal and will die someday. This week marked the death of three “celebrities”, and the more it happens the more I wonder why some people’s death’s are talked about more than others. Does … [Read more…]

caught up

I was so caught up in this and didn’t want to be. I think we can learn a lot from this post by Walt Mueller: We can certainly pray for this family.


It seems to me that many people gauge their happiness based purely on their relationship status…why is that? I struggle with this, because I want to be content with who I am, what I am doing, and this life that God has given me before I share it with anyone else…that’s possible right? I know … [Read more…]


I’ve never been a fan of valentine’s day. It’s not because I’ve been single for the majority of those, or an anti-romantic. It’s just the over-commercialization and stereotypes that come with the holiday. Since when is a person defined by their relationship? It seems that the closer that day gets, the more people focus on … [Read more…]

Yay reading!

This is encouraging: Honor goes to parents, teachers, librarians and all those who love to read and share their encouragement with others!


Miss Indiana, Katie Stam won the Miss America pageant last night. I did not see the show, only heard it, but what a witness she portrayed in her character, presentation and humbleness. Check out her talent portion of the competition: A powerful witness to what’s really important about our walk with God.