free spirit

I never considered myself a free spirit, but maybe I am more than I thought. Sometimes I just want to travel and write. No schedule, no commitments, just going where I want; visiting family, friends, and seeing the world. I suppose I can do that now, but it’s harder when you have responsibilities. I wish … [Read more…]

wonder drug

Zicam. Ever heard of it? I am calling it the wonder drug. I woke up yesterday morning all congested. My nose ran like there was no tomorrow and I just felt yucky. Then a friend told me about Zicam, and to take it on the onset of the symptoms. So I did. …And it worked! … [Read more…]


I am conservative when it comes to certain issues too, but no communion because you voted for Obama? Where do these people get their ideas? “SC priest: No communion for Obama supportersSC Roman Catholic priest says Obama supporters shouldn’t receive Holy Communion”


I received an interesting article in my latest weekly CPYU email update that I received today. It’s about why students leave the faith after high school, but it high lights a passage written by William Wilberforce over 200 years ago. I just think it’s incredible that in 200+ years, it hasn’t changed. Young people were … [Read more…]


I never thought it would be this hard to transition from college friends to real world friends. But I am a firm believer that college does not prepare you socially for the real world…Do you agree? Although, I have many friends that have established their own group on their own…why can’t I? I know it … [Read more…]

i remember…

I remember The sun shining down On his bronzed and dirty face He worked in his garden Caring for God’s creation I remember A warm breeze lightly ran across my skin I watched him intently He looked tired But he never wavered in his steps I remember Feeling so free and relaxed Forgetting insignificant details … [Read more…]


How do you show someone you still care about them, even though they have chosen a path that you may not agree with them on?

economic crisis

This article is written for college students, but I think it provides some good tips and Scriptural references to remind us that God provides what we need when we need it, even in the midst of uncertainty.


Here are the 2nd and 3rd definition for the word “retreat” found on 2: a place of privacy or safety : refuge3: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director Both fit the retreat I attended on Thursday and Friday, but for me I think the best definition … [Read more…]


Why does it seem like busy = stressed? Just because I am busy, doesn’t mean I’m stressed out. Right? Why do we associate one with another? I chose this lifestyle. I like being busy. There is stress, but that’s part of life. I know I would rather be busy than bored. So, if I say … [Read more…]