I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 olympics…something I have been looking forward to all week. I just love the olympics because of the unity, competition, and spirit that is shared by hundreds of countries around the world. I’m also learning about what is going on with China, and receiving a geography lesson as … [Read more…]

i’m back

I’m finally back in the office, back in my apt after a quick month of July! Where did it go? I’m “official” now, but honestly it doesn’t feel much different than before! I am happy to be busy and just enjoying this last month of summer. It has gone quickly, but I don’t see it … [Read more…]


Time for a little relaxation! My family is headed up to Camp Arcadia in Arcadia, Michigan. Peace, quiet, isolation…I can’t wait!

something better

I just returned from a conference in my hometown of Indianapolis. It was a youthworker’s conference, and while I expected it to focus on senior high, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a lot out of it for my role in junior high and young adult ministry. I have to say … [Read more…]

God moment

Have you ever had a “God moment”? Now, what I mean by this is, when a prayer is answered or a realization is made and you say, “Wow, God is awesome!” I had one of those moments yesterday. I had been praying a lot about something that was driving me crazy, and I just kept … [Read more…]


I’ve participated in VBS for the past several years. I volunteered as teacher/leader, helper, drama team, music, etc…but this year I survived my first year of VBS as a DCE. I didn’t think there was much of a different, but I had a lot more responsibility this year and it took a lot of energy! … [Read more…]


Is it summer already? When did spring end and summer begin? Last month it was still cold, and rainy, now we’ve hit the 80 degree temps with the awful side of summer storms! How can it already be mid-June? I have so much to do and so little time! Thankfully I am organized enough to … [Read more…]

crazy few days…

I am back from New Orleans! It’s a good feeling and a sad feeling. My anxiety disappeared after a few days down there. I could see improvement and HOPE. There is still ALOT of work to be done, but the city is slowly getting back on its feet. More of the trip later… When I … [Read more…]


I am feeling anxious. Do you ever feel that way? That’s a silly question, I am sure you do. Even so, it’s an uneasy feeling. What am I anxious about? Well, I am not exactly sure, it could be several things, but overall I just feel uneasy. I wish this feeling would go away. I … [Read more…]

Prince Caspian

So…I just went and saw Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, for the 2nd time a few nights ago. Although I haven’t read the book, knowing about the Christian undertones made it that much more meaningful. I hear it was watered down and hollywoodized, but still the message came through pretty clearly. I hope that those … [Read more…]