What Do You See? (#write31days-Day 2)

I heard a wonderful children’s message yesterday at church that gave me hope in how I see people everyday. This little coin was shared with each child. The front and back together share a quote from Mother Theresa, but that’s not the part of the message I resonated with. I don’t remember the exact words … [Read more…]

31 Days of Hope (#write31days-Day 1)

When asked on a recent trip out of town, “How was your summer?” The best I could muster was “OK.” The reality is that it was rough. Our summer included physical, mental and emotional health struggles for both me and my husband. Surgery and recovery, depression, anxiety and a lot of difficult situations. Tension and distance … [Read more…]

12 Years Ago…

This week’s focus on Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic events in Texas have taken my thoughts back to where I was and what I was doing when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. 12 years ago, today, I was writing a weekly devotional, which would end up continuing for 7 more years. I had just begun my junior … [Read more…]

Meant to Be

We were late. We had been driving back from Michigan the day before and not arrived home until after 11pm. When we fell asleep at 1am, we decided that 7am was too early to leave in the morning, so we pushed it back to 9am. We were having a leisurely morning and so we didn’t … [Read more…]

My Why

Last weekend I got to check Utah off my list of states I haven’t yet visited. While I was there, I attended JamCon (a conference for a company called Jamberry, which I’ve sold nail products for as a hobby for over 3 years). I am glad I finally had the chance to go. It was … [Read more…]

Rest & Gratitude

The human body is amazing. And in recent months and weeks, I have realized the fragility and resilience unique to each person’s body. I had a sudden and severe bout of allergies about a month ago, and instead of pushing through, I took a day off. I was amazed that the next morning, while not 100%, … [Read more…]


Many times over the last month or so,  I have attempted to sit down and write a post. But, I’ve stopped myself every time because I thought…  “That’s too personal, I can’t share that.”                    “I’m afraid of the response I will receive If I share this.” I … [Read more…]