Back to the Small Talk Series: Hairdressers!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this while writing the Small Talk Series, but I realize on my most recent visit to the hair salon, how good stylists have to be at small talk!

It was a revelation that I pondered on quietly during my hair cut. Because, you see, as an introvert, I don’t mind the silence at all!

Sure, I engage in the small talk, and if it’s a good stylist, they can keep the conversation going the whole time.

But usually there are lulls in the conversation, which I don’t mind at all, but I always wonder if the stylist feels awkward…(and it’s my assumption that they are extroverted).

Anyway, that type of small talk is the kind I seem to have gotten used to, because for the most part, the stylist has been trained (or just has the personality) to engage me in conversation. It doesn’t have to be deep because you only see this person once every few months. You can talk about day to day things, movies seen, summer plans, etc… and the conversation is light and pleasant.

Additional thoughts from you on this type of small talk? Or are there other types of people you only see on an occasional basis where small talk is necessary?

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  • Tina - Director of Christian Outreach

    Hi Emily. Although I'm an extrovert, I'm not very good and “small talk” because I much prefer deep talk. I'm always listening and looking for what I call “gospel handles,” where there may be an opening to talk about spiritual things. Your post made me think about it as turning small talk into God talk. Take a movie, or a circumstance and think about a biblical principle that applies. Then, just share it by saying… “what you said makes me think about …” and relate it to a biblical circumstance or spiritual truth, where if asked, you can show in the Bible.

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