30 Days of Thanks

Be Kind

It’s the first day of November!

It is my birthday month, but I still think this would be one of my favorite months even if I didn’t happen to be born the day before Thanksgiving a few decades ago.

After Halloween (or even before), many people jump immediately to decorating and listening to music for the Christmas season. But I think there is purpose in the season of celebrating the many blessings of this earthly life. I like the pause, to breathe and be thankful before the holiday season begins.

As an adult, gifts aren’t really the focus of birthday celebrations for me. The reality of adulthood is we can buy each other gifts whenever we want. I like the specialness of a birthday gift, but as I get older, I just appreciate the texts, phone calls and messages I receive on my special day.

I was attempting to look at the bigger picture and contemplating what I wanted¬† this year and the word “kindness” popped into my head. There is so much wrong in our country and our world and we can combat it. We can’t make it disappear, but how we look at life and treat others can make a positive difference.

My plan this month is to complete a box full of blessings bags to be given out to those in need. I plan to fill them with socks, gloves, snacks and other items that are helpful to those without, especially as the winter season approaches. The dollar store has all of these items, making it an easy and affordable project.

My challenge to you is to Be Kind.

While I love the concept of “Random acts of kindness”, I encourage you to be intentional about what you do for others. Go out of your way to help a stranger or friend. Leave your house and your comfort zone to help someone in need. Be creative in how you are kind to others and do it because it’s what we are supposed to do, not because it makes you feel good.

In this month of November, I hope you will enjoy the blessings of life you have been given. I hope you will share your thanks for them. But I also hope that you will spread kindness wherever you are!

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