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“Be Transformed…” an update

When I first wrote about my focus for 2018, I wasn’t ready for it. But that is why God provided the opportunity for me to “Be Transformed…” As a creature of habit, personal change is pretty difficult for me, so I love how God tailored the opportunity to grow in this way for me this year.

My Focus for 2018

As we approach the halfway point of this year, I want to share with all of you an update.

How is 2018 going for me?
What have I learned so far?
What am I looking forward to?
How am I still struggling and what steps am I taking to work on that?

I want to spend the month of June reflecting on these first 6 months and share my excitement for upcoming events and changes.

Just to name a few….

We are house hunting!
My spouse finally got a job!
A season of change in my job which is exciting and scary!

But I also want to share what I am working on in myself right now.

I hope you will also reflect on your own journey in 2018 at this halfway point. Let’s encourage one another in processing the unexpected, the blessings and how they shape us moving forward.

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