Day #19 – Patience

Tuesday’s thankfulness was for patience. Whether working with small children or adults, patience is essential I do my best to be patient and I am thankful for the self-control and ability to step back and give things more than one try.

Day #18 – Mondays

Today I am thankful for Mondays. It’s one of my least favorite days of the week and really gets a bad rap for being at the beginning of the work week. But without Mondays, we would just put the blame on some other day. For many, Mondays is the beginning of the work week, and … [Read more…]

Day #17 – Encouragement

Today I am thankful for the encouragement and appreciation I receive from those around me. It’s not something I seek, but it sure is nice to get a hug or a word of encouragement whether at work or home. Daily living, work and other struggles can get me down, but it’s amazing how attitude, words … [Read more…]

Day #16 – Opportunities

Today I am thankful for opportunities… Opportunities:              …to meet new people.              …to get to know and make connections with people.              …to teach and train.              …to learn and grow as a person … [Read more…]

Day #15 – Rest

Thought I posted this on Friday, but guess I got a little behind! Oh well, the thankfulness goal is for me anyway. Fridays are my day off. I get some time here and there on the weekends, but my job sometimes requires a Saturday in the office and I’m always working on Sundays. My to … [Read more…]

Day #14 – Good Conversation

Yesterday’s thankfulness was for good conversation. There is nothing like sitting down with a friend or family member and just chatting about life and everything in it. How often do we stop and chat? I know I don’t do it enough. Even phone chats are nice, because those far away don’t seem like it when … [Read more…]

Day #13 – Singing with preschoolers

Today I am thankful for the opportunity I have to play my guitar and sing fun songs with the preschoolers at work. It’s been such a joy to begin this experience with them, and for real, the few minutes I spend a few days a week singing with them….it’s the best part of my day!

Day #12 – Comedians

Even though I was thinking about this yesterday, it still counts for today. I was watching a comedian on Netflix while I was getting ready yesterday morning. And it just felt so good to laugh. I love that someone is good at it and gets paid to make me laugh. I know it’s not an … [Read more…]

Day #10 – Air travel

Yesterday I was thankful for the ability to travel by airplane. Though I have a slight fear of flying (I really dislike turbulence), I don’t let it keep me from traveling, which I love. I think it’s the most amazing thing that hundreds of thousands of people make their way across the country in a … [Read more…]