Day #8: Sisters

Today I am thankful for my two beautiful, smart and sassy sisters! I am thankful for the weekend we are spending together right now! I am thankful for the opportunities to chat about anything, shop together, and just have a good time!

Day #7: Dad & Yani

Today I am thankful for two specific people from the groups of my family and friends.Today both a family member and a dear friend are celebrating birthdays! Today, I am thankful for my dad. He’s faithful and loyal to his family. He shows his love in so many different ways, and he knows how to … [Read more…]

Day #6: Memories

Today I am thankful for memories. Notice I didn’t say good memories. At times I wish I could travel back in time to wonderful memories. But that is why they are called memories, so we can remember them, whether they are fond or more difficult. My eyes start to water when I think about memories … [Read more…]

Day #5: Employment

The thing I was thankful for yesterday, was the very reason I couldn’t post! My employment keeps me very busy, but I am very much thankful for it! I had planned to write more, but need to post Day 6 thankfulness!

Day #4: Fall Colors

My favorite season out of the four that I have experienced, living both in the Midwest and on the East Coast, is Fall. On my drive to work this morning, I was reminded of how thankful I was for the fall colors. It’s absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking to see the radiance of warm oranges, reds … [Read more…]

Day #3: Roads

Today I am thankful for the roads, streets and highways that give us the ability to travel by automobile. I know I take for granted the ability to get from one place to another in just a matter of minutes. I am absolutely amazed that so many years ago, the highway system was created and … [Read more…]

Day #2: Quiet moments

It’s Saturday morning, and I am up earlier than most people get up on the weekend. But here and there, I absolutely love a quiet morning, where I am not getting ready for work or have anything I have to rush to. I am thankful for the quiet moments, because they seem so few and … [Read more…]