Partner – #13

On this 13th day of November, I am thankful for my husband, who is my partner in life. He is loving and caring and treats me so well! I have had some difficult moments in the last few months and he has been so supportive, encouraging and uplifting! He also makes me laugh, which is … [Read more…]

Veterans – #11

Today on this 11th day of November, I am thankful for veterans and those currently serving in our military. You joined in times of great war. You joined because you wanted to serve your country. You joined to protect the freedoms we often take for granted. You joined and left your loved ones to serve … [Read more…]

Family – #10

On this 10th day of November, I am thankful for my family. This weekend, my parents and younger sister are arriving in town for a special event. I am thankful for them and for all of my family, because they are supportive and awesome. Without my family, I could not have made life decisions and … [Read more…]

Choice- #9

On this day 9th of November, I am thankful that I can make a choice. Today I have a day off, and the original plan was to run a whole bunch of errands that I haven’t had time to do the rest of the week. But I realized I hadn’t given myself time off in … [Read more…]

God’s Word – #8

On this 8th day of November, I am thankful for God’s Word. In the midst of change, tragedy and events that impact various facets of our lives, God’s Word is always the place to turn.  Because of our sinful human nature, sometimes the words that we speak are unclear or misinterpreted and I wish at … [Read more…]

Dad – #7

On this 7th day of November, I am thankful for my dad! Today is his birthday and I am especially thankful for him and for his character. He is a man of faith, loving, compassionate and kind. He is a good listener, has strong character, is open to meeting new people and is super supportive! … [Read more…]

Opportunity – #6

On this day 6 of November,  I am thankful for opportunity. Today is Election day, and you can check out my post on Facebook for my thoughts on that. But it’s a great day and a great opportunity for each of us to exercise the freedom that we have. I am also thankful for opportunities … [Read more…]

Rest – #5

On this 5th day of November, I am thankful for rest. God created us to rest at least one day a week. For some reason, we don’t always take advantage of it! It feels amazing to wake up fully rested – mind, body and soul. It’s not just about sleep, but rest that renews your … [Read more…]

Emotion – #4

On this 4th day of November, I am thankful for emotion. Emotion makes me feel alive. There are the good emotions that make me feel thankful for the people and experiences that make life worth it. And… There are the sad and tough emotions that help me to grow and learn about myself and push … [Read more…]