The Joy of Running (#write31days – Day 11)

You know your a runner when… I’ve had that conversation with lifetime runners and those who wouldn’t give themselves that label, but yet, are running right beside me! I’ve always given myself this label and been proud of it. I’ve certainly had my seasons where I’ve stepped away, but when I get back into it, … [Read more…]

The Joy of Rest (#write31days – Day 8)

Hopefully you all have a day off. For the majority of people it’s the weekend. But it varies depending on your work and life rhythm. For me, I take Sabbath rest on Fridays. I try not to make it a day of running errands and completing my to do list because it’s Sabbath. We live in a … [Read more…]

The Joy of Escape (#write31days – Day 7)

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Nothing actually happened that made my day sour, but my mind was swirling with anxiousness and as the day went on, weariness set in. By the time I was driving home, every little thing was frustrating me. Just a few minutes from my town, there was major construction … [Read more…]

The Joy of Accessories (#write31days – Day 6)

I dreaded getting dressed in the morning in adolescence. It was awkward enough to feel uncomfortable in my own skin with the reality of a changing body and mind. For the most part, I didn’t really purchase the name brands, but I certainly felt self-conscious about what I was wearing, in addition to the acne, glasses … [Read more…]