Moving Forward

I began writing this post back in May, and as I contemplated sharing today, I realize that I can just add to what I began to say here. I am proposing that the following statements are true: God is our Creator. Jesus is our living Savior! The Holy Spirit is with us and lifts our … [Read more…]

3 Weeks

In 2006, I traveled to New Orleans with my college classmates to participate in relief efforts post a hurricane known as Katrina. Three weeks later, in early April, I was back at school and struggling with some emotions. As I showered, as I did on a regular basis, I broke down in tears. What was … [Read more…]


I went to a new doctor this week for a regular check up, and when I got on the scale, the number was one I had never seen before. It wasn’t bad, it just confirmed how stress has wreaked havoc on my body for the last several years. I came to the realization that I … [Read more…]


I was challenged as 2018 approached, to read the Bible in a year. It’s a plan I had never pursued and felt like it was a good time. Reading has become a bit of a chore for me, as much as I don’t want to admit that, so I was thinking of alternate ways to … [Read more…]