Sharing Our Experiences of Grief

I preface this post with the acknowledgment that I have an AMAZING support system and community of care in this season. I can freely write about this topic because I have a safe group to process with and I’m so thankful for that safety net. I’m doing pretty good right now, but there’s peace in … [Read more…]

2018 Reflection: Transformation

How have I been transformed in 2018? It’s been a journey, but one that I can now reflect back on as having purpose and meaning for my year. God’s Word transformed me as I listened to the whole Bible in a year. Many books, chapters and verses had an impact on me, but bigger than … [Read more…]

12 Years Ago…

This week’s focus on Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic events in Texas have taken my thoughts back to where I was and what I was doing when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. 12 years ago, today, I was writing a weekly devotional, which would end up continuing for 7 more years. I had just begun my junior … [Read more…]


So often,  I want to rewind or fast forward my life, but today I just want to press “Pause.” I’ve reached a point in the last few days where I recognize the need and desire to slow down and organize the thoughts in my head. I had started a “Questions Jesus Asked” series on this … [Read more…]

Too much

Sometimes I just want to quit Facebook. It’s too much. I know some people who aren’t on it at all. I know some people who come and go for various reasons. I know many people who are on there 24/7. I can’t decide which group I want to be a part of. Sometimes I think … [Read more…]


I wrote this post two and half weeks ago. Since then I have been praying about/contemplating whether to post it or not. While this post makes me vulnerable and reveals part of who I am to you, writing is a form of expression that is far more powerful than a simple status update. For those … [Read more…]


Sometimes it happens that I get into a funk this time of year. I am not sure why, because I truly love the season of Advent and the preparation for Christmas. The last couple of years, we haven’t been able to put a tree in our tiny apartment, so I decorate with the space we … [Read more…]

Why Such a Hurry?

Getting used to living at a quicker pace on the East Coast, or “Mid-Atlantic”, as I’ve heard it called recently, has certainly been a challenge. The faster pace is very subtle, so it’s hard to describe, but the rush that everyone seems to be in, is draining at times. And now that we are in … [Read more…]