2018 Reflection: Transformation

How have I been transformed in 2018? It’s been a journey, but one that I can now reflect back on as having purpose and meaning for my year. God’s Word transformed me as I listened to the whole Bible in a year. Many books, chapters and verses had an impact on me, but bigger than … [Read more…]

12 Years Ago…

This week’s focus on Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic events in Texas have taken my thoughts back to where I was and what I was doing when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. 12 years ago, today, I was writing a weekly devotional, which would end up continuing for 7 more years. I had just begun my junior … [Read more…]


So often,  I want to rewind or fast forward my life, but today I just want to press “Pause.” I’ve reached a point in the last few days where I recognize the need and desire to slow down and organize the thoughts in my head. I had started a “Questions Jesus Asked” series on this … [Read more…]

Too much

Sometimes I just want to quit Facebook. It’s too much. I know some people who aren’t on it at all. I know some people who come and go for various reasons. I know many people who are on there 24/7. I can’t decide which group I want to be a part of. Sometimes I think … [Read more…]


I wrote this post two and half weeks ago. Since then I have been praying about/contemplating whether to post it or not. While this post makes me vulnerable and reveals part of who I am to you, writing is a form of expression that is far more powerful than a simple status update. For those … [Read more…]


Sometimes it happens that I get into a funk this time of year. I am not sure why, because I truly love the season of Advent and the preparation for Christmas. The last couple of years, we haven’t been able to put a tree in our tiny apartment, so I decorate with the space we … [Read more…]

Why Such a Hurry?

Getting used to living at a quicker pace on the East Coast, or “Mid-Atlantic”, as I’ve heard it called recently, has certainly been a challenge. The faster pace is very subtle, so it’s hard to describe, but the rush that everyone seems to be in, is draining at times. And now that we are in … [Read more…]

When TV becomes too real to watch…

Have you ever watched something on TV that just stayed with you? I’ve seen scary things that have kept me up an extra half hour so I could watch something upbeat before bedtime. I’ve watched the tear jerkers that made for a good cry. I’ve watched shows that have changed my perspective. TV and film … [Read more…]