Stitch Fix

I debated on whether to post on this, because I dislike when people try to market something from their personal blog. But, really I just want to show off this top I got from Stitch Fix. I don’t normally get so excited about clothing, so this is new for me. Seriously, they send me some … [Read more…]

All or Nothing

I think I am going about this all the wrong way. I recently read an article (which I shared here) about how sometimes we go about a hobby/passion with the “all or nothing approach”.  If we don’t do it in a certain way, then we just give up and don’t do it at all. I … [Read more…]

What Inspires Me? (March Edition)

What inspires me as we begin the month where spring begins? I’ve linked up with HopefulLeigh again this month, so check out what inspires as well as at her blog and fellow bloggers who have linked up! Goal-Setting: Let’s compare my goals for 2013 with this list. And this is how I’m doing… Another goal … [Read more…]


This past weekend I was reminded of how important one’s home is. We can define the term ‘home’ in many different ways. Perhaps it is where you grew up. Or maybe it is where you currently live. I found myself struggling to define it both in college and when I moved to a new place … [Read more…]

Writer’s Bucket List

I came across this article and was intrigued by this bucket list. Here are my ideas/thoughts for the 5 things talked about in the article: 1. “Do something bizarre just to write about it.” I have an adventurous spirit, and so does the person I married, so I actually think this was won’t be too … [Read more…]


I collect books. I wish I could say I have read every single one, but nowadays and for the last few years, that’s not the case. I remember in my younger years, when I was old enough to read all sorts of genres but young enough to not have a job or a car, I … [Read more…]

2013 Top Ten Goals

I thought this was a neat idea/writing prompt to start off the year. Since I started the blog off with the photo challenge, I am posting it now! Feb is not too late to set some goals! In fact, it doesn’t have to be a new year to set goals at all! Make a New … [Read more…]

What Inspires Me? (February Edition)

I started my blog in 2013 with a photo challenge! That sure was both inspiring and difficult at times, but I am glad I did it! Here are a few more inspiring things for me this month!Inspiring:Chuck Pagano’s Story – I didn’t even know this guy very well when he became the coach of my favorite … [Read more…]

Reflections of the Photo challenge

Ok, so time for an explanation. I was really enjoying the photo challenge. I was taking pictures and adding cool effects using an app called, “EyeEm”.  Free. Awesome. You get the picture…ha. Wow, I am in a corny mood, I guess. So here is what I learned and why the last week wasn’t in photo … [Read more…]