This weekend I was struggling with forgiveness in regards to processing several particularly difficult situations. In a conversation with my spouse, he shared some Scripture and a devotional exercise. I am used to being the one leading the Bible study or devotion, so it was nice to listen and also a surprise, as he is … [Read more…]

We Need Jesus

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post and I am not on the track I intended with regular posting this month. Many thoughts have been swirling in my mind, but none of them have landed on this blog,  my journal or another spot. In a sense, it’s been overwhelming not to be able to … [Read more…]

Love Conquers All

I just heard this song on the radio last night. It was on a Christian station, but definitely stylized as a country song. I would have normally changed the channel, but this song transcends the genre it was created in. The lyrics are a powerful reminder of what we have experienced in our lives and in … [Read more…]