Quality not Quantity

  I have three goals for 2015. These are probably the most realistic and exciting goals I could shoot for.  Not really related to my health or work, but focused on myself and being a more complete, content person.  Quality, not Quantity. While there is nothing wrong with resolutions, like in the image above, as many … [Read more…]


Life: Four simple letters make for a powerful word and the meaning behind it. Precious. Fleeting. Full. Priceless. Worthy.   I have been going back and forth about whether or not to speak on the most recent news of the woman, who was just mere weeks from her 30th birthday (just two days before mine), … [Read more…]

Absence makes the thought last longer

It has been quite some time since I have been in a regular blogging routine. I could share excuses, but there really is no one I must answer to, except myself. Writing for me is how I process, so you can imagine how many thoughts have been swirling around in my head for much longer … [Read more…]

Unexpected Blessings

Hey all! It has been AWHILE since I have posted! Summer has kept me very busy! Here are a few Unexpected Blessings that I am thankful for over the last several weeks: A vacation with my family where I was able to unplug from the outside world, relax and de-stress Receiving a few compliments at work, … [Read more…]

What Inspires Me? (May Edition)

March and April were not only during the season of Lent, which is already a busy time in my work life, but some major things happened in my life! (Hence the lack of blogging in recent weeks). But so much has happened to inspire me and move into the month of May flowers! I am … [Read more…]