When it rains, it pours…

This saying is usually in reference to a copious amount of stressful situations being dumped on you. But in this case, I am actually referring to the weather and my dislike for it at the moment. On this wonderful October day, it’s pouring rain. Really, this has been the weather this entire week! We moved … [Read more…]


It’s been too short an amount of time since I wrote one of these posts. We are still going to and sending our children to schools and universities… We are still shopping at malls… We are still going to movie theaters.. We are still worshipping in churches… We are still running races… And those that … [Read more…]

What Inspires Me? (September edtion)

I skipped July and August for this post because, well, my summer was crazy!Summer didn’t feel like it was happening until the first of August, so I wanted to enjoy it!But I’ve got some links and items that inspire me as summer ends and fall begins! This. Is. Fascinating.:Why I Called Out Joel Osteen & … [Read more…]

Music that Inspires: DEMF

D.E.M.F. Not sure what that is? I didn’t either until I was introduced to it a couple of years ago. It’s one of the greatest music festivals to attend because it celebrates great music and great musicians and is a good time all around. What is it, you ask? Detroit Electronic Music Festival. (I guess … [Read more…]

Music that Inspires: Dark Side of the Moon

One of the things that I have come to admire from my friends who appreciate and are more knowledgeable about music, is the idea of the album and enjoying a collection of songs, rather than just one here or there. I am the type to hear a great song on the radio, but not really … [Read more…]

Music Series

I am contemplating a blog series about music and how it speaks to me. I love worship music, but I am not going to limit it to that. Not all music has a good message, but I am also not going to say that good messages are limited to Christian music.  I think we can … [Read more…]


Lately, I have been feeling stuck. I’ve been coming down from a huge high of participating in a event that has consumed my time and energy for the last few years. I came to the realization that our current city is only temporary for us. My summer hasn’t felt much like summer because work had … [Read more…]