Reflection of 2016

In the last several years, I have chosen a word or theme to focus on in a new year. As I began reflecting back on the flurry of 2016, I could not recall what I started the year with. I went back and read this post and realized I has selected a Bible passage. But … [Read more…]

My darkness, His light

I know I’ve written about my confirmation verse before, but recently it took on a whole new meaning which lifted me up during a difficult time. I experience seasonal affective disorder, which is waves of mild depression that come when the seasons change (Ironic for me because I love when we move from summer to fall!). … [Read more…]

Four Years

Earlier this week, Facebook memories reminded me that it’s been four years since we moved to the mid-atlantic. That number is pretty significant in many personal and worldly cases: Four years since we got married… Four years since the last Olympics… Four years since the last presidential election… But I made another realization about four year … [Read more…]

Questions Jesus Asked – Matthew 9 Part II

I post the remainder of chapter 9 separately, because the remaining questions in this chapter are stand alone and needed more study. Jesus Questioned About Fasting 14 Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?” 15 Jesus answered, “How can the guests of the bridegroom … [Read more…]

He is Faithful

I’ve gotten off track with my “Questions Jesus Asked” series, but as you all know, life happens. Sometimes what gets us off track, is encouraging and at other times, it’s challenging. But almost all the time, God is teaching us something in the interruptions that arise. On Sunday morning, after a week of VBS, attending and presenting at … [Read more…]