Last week I had the privilege to return to my Alma Mater, Concordia University, Nebraska, for a conference put on by the DCE department. I jumped at the chance to return to the place where one the chapters of my story began. What was even more exciting, was that for the first time since we had … [Read more…]


Time is a precious commodity, isn’t it? We hold the time we have close to us and do our best to spend it where we want to spend it. More often than not, I realize that it’s not my time, it’s God’s time. He has gifted me with life, which means he is the timekeeper. … [Read more…]


“My name is Mamie, not like Eisenhower, because I don’t have any money.” That’s how I was introduced to the homeowner, whose house we worked on while serving in Crisfield, MD last week. We should have been able to meet Lewis too, but he had had a stroke a few weeks back and was in … [Read more…]

Joy of the Lord

I’ve started writing several posts over the last week. But I never hit the “Publish” button. Too much stress. Too much whining. Not enough actual content worth sharing with the world. Halfway through this week, I am leaning into the Lord because any other route will be fruitless. I am wearing this bracelet today: It … [Read more…]

UB of the Week

A long while ago, when I updated the name of my blog to Unexpected Blessings, I started “UB of the Week.” I got away from sharing that weekly and it’s time to reinstate it, since this theme very much drives my purpose for blogging. I will bring it to you on Friday or Saturday, as … [Read more…]

The Secret to Meal Planning

One of the “weekly chores” that I have come to enjoy over the last few years is cooking the meals. My spouse and I divided the household chores and I had no problem with grocery shopping and cooking if it meant I didn’t have to clean the bathroom or do the dishes! It may have only … [Read more…]

Why I write

I am participating in a 7-day blogging challenge and Day #1 is to share my manifesto, as in, “Why I write”. Eight years ago, I wrote this in my first ever blog post: “Perhaps I am being a follower, but reading other people’s blogs has inspired me to create my own. I like to write, and … [Read more…]