Sunday for the City

There are so many thoughts swirling in my head the day after a powerful experience I was a part of in Baltimore city. I came home after the event to the reminder that yesterday was the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. And with that came a range of reactions: peaceful marches, shots fired and the … [Read more…]

The Power of Your Name

  I don’t even know how to start this post, for the song speaks for itself. It’s a reminder that the world we live in is far from perfect. Yet, everyday, we have the opportunity to be Jesus to those around us. You can listen to the whole song here and follow the lyrics on the video … [Read more…]

So Many Questions

Many of you know it well…the child that asks a million questions a day. And for every statement you make, they ask, “Why?” A few weeks ago, while working on a home, we spent much of our time listening to Sid the Science Kid. Our homeowners middle son, who is a teen, is also autistic. … [Read more…]

Yesterday, Today & Forever

I just returned from a memorable and powerful experience, attending a servant event. A multi-generational group of participants spent a week worshipping, working and playing. It is going to take several posts to process through everything that happened. It was a time of spiritual renewal. But I also learned about the everyday hardships of a … [Read more…]

What is Your Posture?

I don’t even know how to start this post. This is a hard conversation. We all have prejudices. Prejudice is defined as, “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.” We all have prejudices because we are imperfect human beings. To deny prejudice is to deny sin and brokenness. And before we … [Read more…]