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City – #20

On this 20th day of November, I am thankful to live in the city.

Just the other day, I walked a block to put a piece of mail in the post office box. I’ve never lived in a place where I had to or could do that.

I grew up in the suburbs of a medium-sized city and then lived on the outskirts of another in recent years. But now we live in the city, and I absolutely love how close we are to different places. We are within walking distance of many local businesses and within running distance of our favorite park.

The city is alive with activity and events and we can explore it all.

It’s a football city, which we love to be a part of and it’s great to be connected to our neighborhood and meet new people all of the time.

I look forward to exploring the local shops and getting to know the people and embracing a new city in a new part of the country.

The pace is quicker, but the people are still as friendly (mostly) as the Midwest.

I am thankful to live in a new type of place and enjoy and appreciate the joys of living in the city!

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