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I collect books.

I wish I could say I have read every single one, but nowadays and for the last few years, that’s not the case.

I remember in my younger years, when I was old enough to read all sorts of genres but young enough to not have a job or a car, I would ask my parents to take me to the library so I could get a stack of books.

I would sit in my room, or outside or on the couch eating up every word and loving every minute. I read the page turners in minutes and the larger ones in mere hours.

I have to admit I loved the summer reading program where you could earn cool prizes, but that was just a bonus to all the great stories I was reading.

When I was old enough, I got excited to go to the “other side” of the library where all the young adult and adult books were. I picked up several John Grisham books and started diving deeper into historical fiction.

I couldn’t get enough.

I blame college for my inability to sit and read for long periods of time anymore. I blame technology for being a constant distraction.

But, really, these are just excuses.

If I am disciplined enough to train for and run a marathon, surely I can take time away from less worthy distractions and sit and enjoy reading.

I don’t want to just collect books, I want to learn, explore and be swept away.

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  • Constance

    that is exactly why I started Faith Shapers at our church- I published the dates I would have books read and invited others to join me. I just started with the books on the shelf I wanted to read, and now 6 years later — there is a great list – as well as many who joined me and great conversations along the way!!!x3435

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