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Communion with the Saints

Today marks six years since my maternal grandmother has passed away. I have several memories from my last visits with her.

I had traveled home on Easter day from Michigan after I heard she was in the hospital. I remember her desire to watch Butler in the Final Four/Championship game from the TV in her hospital room. While my mom always tells me her love of sports came from sitting with her dad while he watched sporting events, I think grandma had her own liking to it!

But one of my most cherished memories was when I sat with my mom, aunt and one of the pastors from our home church to take communion with my grandma at the hospital just a few days before she passed away.

Communion is a special meal, whether we are always mindful of that when we take it. I’ve taken communion outside an actual church building before and I love that regardless of where you are, it is still a means of grace to remind us of Jesus giving his body and blood for us, and a sacred act with fellow believers in Christ.

Three generations of women in our family, in a circle around a hospital bed as we heard the pastor say, “Take and eat, Christ’s body for you; Take and drink, Christ’s blood for you.” Such a simple, yet powerful act to remind us of the gift of love we have been given. Even in her last days, my grandmother shared in that meal with us. She was a woman of great faith, who always was confident in where she would be with her Father when her time arrived.

A few days later, she would become a saint and the image of “Communing with the saints” took on an even deeper meaning for me. Each time we take that precious meal, we are taking it with those who have gone before us, even if just days before, we had participated together on this earth.

April is a joyful month with Easter celebrations, spring time weather (most of the time) and many birthdays in my immediate and extended family. And although we miss her dearly, we can celebrate their faith-filled life of our matriarch: child of god, wife, mother, grandma & friend.

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