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If you know me, you know I love competition. My competitive spirit is at it’s height in various situations including:

  • Watching my favorite football team play
  • Playing board/card game
  • Running in a race or training towards a goal
I am about to enter into a new kind of competition. It’s one that scares me a bit because it will test how I take critiscism. It will expose a form of expression that is very near and dear to me. But it’s an important step to take if I want to keep moving forward with my dream.
It’s a writing competition.  
I got an email several months ago, and I said to myself, “Ok, it’s time to pursue this path!”  And then time got away from me.  
You know the sayings, “I had to put it on the back burner.” or “It took a backseat.”.  Well, in my case, it took it’s place in the trunk buried under the spare time.
I know life gets away from all of us sometimes, but my plate is full, in fact even overflowing. It’s great to be busy and it’s a temporary craziness that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s made it more difficult to give priority to this hobby.
I am working on it though.
It costs around $30 to enter this competition. That really isn’t much, and what do I have to lose?
The manuscript is already written, it’s just a matter of some edits. I know this can take time, but I’m really over halfway through them, so what’s the hold up?
Time to prioritize my time and get to it. If I can make time for an exercise routine, I can make time for this.

What’s my motivation for entering? The idea of winning a cash prize certainly helps my resolve, but it isn’t at all the reason I am trying it. Of course I would be ecstatic if I even placed, but the purpose is for me to simply try it. The purpose is for me to experience the process and find new ways of exposing my writing. The purpose for me is to stop hiding in fear and allow experiences that will be difficult, but will make me a better writer. 

So, now that I have written about entering into a competition, I guess I better go actually do it. Talking about competition is not even close to actually following through with it. The tough part is making the leap. Once that happens, I will be in it and learning and growing and moving forward with this dream.

Please keep me accountable.  Competition is even more difficult without the support of those around you. The deadline I have set for myself is just beyond the early bird deadline of the competition, so hopefully in a few weeks I will have officially entered the competition!

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