30 Days of Thanks

Day #6: Memories

Today I am thankful for memories.

Notice I didn’t say good memories.

At times I wish I could travel back in time to wonderful memories. But that is why they are called memories, so we can remember them, whether they are fond or more difficult.

My eyes start to water when I think about memories of far away friends and great experiences and I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

But with the good, comes the bad: memories of people who have died, difficult situations, etc…And remembering those things are important because they have shaped who I am and have caused me to experience growth, although it may have been painful.

Here’s a few thoughts/places (and some pictures) that may bring back some good memories if you know me…

  • Voice of Truth
  • “I’m going to write a letter and see if Chipotle will come to Asia!” 
  • What’s better than going to a Haunted House on Halloween? Bowling!
  • Spring Weekend
  • “Shakin’ the tree!”
  • New Orleans
  • Christmas mornings with my family 


“What’s really the difference between a half and a full


Celebrating when friends get married!
Arcadia sunsets
Detroit Auto Show

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