30 Days of Thanks

Days #25, 26 & 27 – Three days of thanks

I know I am behind, so I am just going to post the last few days all at once.

I had them all picked out, I just didn’t get a chance to post.

On day #25 I was/am thankful for health. I got sick the day after my birthday and was put out by a fever and sore throat for almost a full week.

No one likes being sick, and when I am sick, I am thankful for the medicine and rest taken to feel better. I can now say in hindsight that, taking a sick day was the right choice!

I know some people who have long-term illnesses and cancer. I know people who live with chronic pain every day. I am thankful for my health and for the ability to come back from being sick, even if it takes time.

On day #26 I was thankful for a vehicle to drive. Some things happened that caused us to go from two vehicles to one, so my husband and I had to carpool to work. Although I was frustrated with the situation, I was/am thankful that we have even one vehicle to take us to and from work and get us where we need to go.

And on this 27th day of November, I am thankful for quiet.

It’s difficult for me to find quiet at work, at home and in between, because of all the distractions. There is a constant need for noise, because without it, life seems to be missing something.

But in the quiet is when I can process and reflect. In the quiet, I can listen to God. In the quiet there is peace and calm.

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