30 Days of Thanks

Days #28, 29 & 30

The last three days of November were very relaxing and provided much to be thankful for!

Day #28 – I was thankful that there is a whole holiday set aside for giving thanks. There are many holidays that society has turned into excuses to party or give gifts, but Thanksgiving, for the most part, is about gathering with family and friends and being thankful for one another and for food to eat.

Day #29 – I was thankful for the ability to shop online. I am really not a fan of the Black Friday chaos and crowds. (It may be fun for some and a tradition, and that’s totally fine…it’s just not for me). After some planning, I was able to purchase the majority of my Christmas gifts from my couch in my pj’s!

Day #30 – I was thankful for a day with nothing on our schedules. It was nice to sleep in and be home when our dishwasher started to leak (Eek!), having the time to clean it up and then not leaving the house until we had to run some errands.

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