• emily

      When someone is an addict it’s hard to distinguish between what is ‘better.’ I understand his point of view, but we do have to be careful in our response, because it was still a human life that is lost and it’s sad.

  1. YES! I spent quite a bit of time drafting a post along these lines right after his death, but I never posted it because it didn’t feel like the right fit for my blog. But now I’m kind of wishing I had! Sadly, my thought at the time was, “well, maybe I’ll consider posting it after the next celebrity dies of an overdose.” Sounds horrible, but it IS happening more than it should, and we jump to calling it “tragic” every time.

    Anyway, articles popped up afterward in big publications talking about drug-user protection laws and measures that will help prevent overdoses. I DO seem some value in those, but all the articles missed the real mark—the power of personal choice. No matter how enslaved he was to his addiction (and I really do feel sad about that), at some point in the past, he had a choice.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I loved this. 🙂 In my long-winded way.

    • emily

      Thanks Erica, I appreciate your comment! This post came in response to several recent celebrity deaths, but also trying to better understand addiction and the personal battles that people close to me have experienced. That community, more than anyone else, wants to be portrayed accurately, and if I can help to do that and educate others, I want to!

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