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Embrace: A Year in Review

As we arrive in 2015, I look back at the word I chose to represent 2014: EMBRACE.

I also looked back at the post I wrote about it here.

I am not sure how well I did at embracing in some parts of my life, but I did continue to remember the word throughout the year and did my best to live it out.

In 2014, let’s see how I did with the following…

Embrace who I am. – Identity, I think is something we all will wrestle with. I am often reminded by others about my identity first and foremost as a child of God. I do my best to not be defined solely by 1 or 2 areas of my life and hope I will continue to discover and live confidently as the person I was created to be.

Embrace where I am at (in life). – I turned 30 this year, which was pretty awesome! I have no qualms about a new decade in life and am excited for what it will bring!

Embrace the work that I am doing. – Even though I’ve had a tough transition, I continue to focus on serving the Lord, regardless of what kind of work I am doing. Even with challenges, I am thankful for opportunities to serve and share the love of Jesus.

I also wrote a book in 2014. I’m PRETTY excited about this being published in 2015, but I will share more on that later.

Embrace where I live. – I don’t prefer the area of the country that we currently reside in, but that doesn’t mean I am going to sulk. I love the rich history of where we live and the friends we have made, so I continue to focus on the positives so that I don’t continue to complain about things I can’t control (like the pace and the traffic).

Embrace those around me. – I’ve opened up in 2014 to those who I work with and socially with new friends. I’ve learned that placing roots takes time and that it’s not an all or nothing thing. I am thankful for a husband who befriends anyone and brings me into the fold to feel comfortable.

Embrace the love and support that I have right now. – I am so unbelievably spoiled by my husband and family. That’s really all that I need.

Embrace whatever is to come each day.

As we start 2015, the this will continue to be my mantra, regardless of what word I choose to focus on in the new year.



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