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Exercise – #19

On this 19th day of November, I am thankful for exercise!

Whether walking or running, playing a sport, or working out at the gym, I am thankful for exercise and the ability to participate!

Exercise makes me feel great both physically and mentally. I love it even more that I have a partner to exercise with. We keep each other accountable and it’s great to try new things together.

My motto when it comes to exercise is to always keep trying. If you are on a kick for a while and then slack off, then just pick it back up again. Exercise is always something you can do (at all different levels) and it is a great source of energy and lifts your self-esteem too.

As a runner (and competitive person), sometimes I am intimidated by those that are stronger and faster, but instead I should strive to be motivated by these types of people and to continue to exercise to help myself. Playing sports as a kid definitely instilled the importance of exercise in me, and I am thankful to be able to continue to stay healthy and participate in activities that I enjoy and that also challenge me.

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