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I had a moment last week where I was feeling a bit isolated and in need of some attention. I don’t usually draw others to me like that. I usually really dislike posts that are vague but obviously directed towards someone, but I needed to express my thoughts and I was trying to convey a general feeling.

I have waves of emotion every once in awhile where I miss a time that once was.

BDCC – The friends I made while participating in high school cross-country and track provided a great support system.

A FB friend responded to my post and   helped me come to a realization when she  said:

 “I have come to see that some people are  given to us for a season. It does not make  that gift and their importance less, just that  it was for that season. Even with that, some of them have been life-changing. And then there are precious few who are for life. It really helped me to learn to be ok with the distinction.”

church peeps
This gang still tries to get together every Christmas. I’ve known most of them since childhood.

I realized that sometimes I have a hard time letting go of seasons of life.

Spring weekend
The four amigos at Spring Weekend, a fun competition at our college.

But I also realized that no matter what season of life I am in and those life-long friends of mine are in, we can pick up from where we left off, no matter how long it  has been since we last chatted or saw each other.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to live in  new places, as hard as transition is for me. New places provide new  relationships that help me grow  as a person.

Class of 07
My internship group from college, now we are literally spread across the country.

I’m also thankful for the previous  seasons and the friendships that  were so important at those times.  They aren’t less important now,  but times have changed and it’s  OK that we aren’t in touch as  often.

Some great people and friends in ministry.
My favorite group of hand bell players.






Phone calls are nice but scheduling weekly conversations becomes unrealistic with distance and life, generally. Each of those individuals still mean the world to me and if we only connect via Facebook, then we still get to share life and the memories we have together still shape me.

NYG 10
The night life team from National Youth Gathering 2010 in NOLA.

I am thankful to have a God who never changes and is with me in all seasons of life. I know that all of the people who have come in and out of my life have had purpose in my journey. I am thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally and has shown me that love through these friends.

I was the last of the three of us to get married, but we have photos from each of our celebrations and I am thankful we each could be there for one another.


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