Friendship is hard. Well, that was either an obvious statement or the hard truth. It’s very frustrating sometimes because it’s supposed to be a two way street, and right now I driving it all alone.

I’m not saying I am the perfect friend, because I am far from it. I am tired after work and often don’t want to talk…I am busy too, but aren’t we all? When does that excuse ever justify not talking to a loved one?

But I also care so much about those people that are considered my dear friends that I won’t just give up on them. I want to know so much what is going on in their lives and share my own as well. But it’s tiring when one person is doing all the work and the other seems to just be along for the ride.

Maybe those are harsh words to vent, but at the same time, I deal with this in my life daily, and I’m not sure how to handle it. I did create this space for this purpose, however, and I intend to use it to form my thoughts, opinions, and explore issues a little deeper.

At least I know that as much as I fail with my relationship with God, he hasn’t given up on me…he never will. He will call me back, in fact, he’s always on the line.

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  • Ya

    I’ve read this somewhere sometime:In your life, a lot of people will come and go, but only a few will leave their footprints in your heart.I think it’s quite true. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I easily give up on friends who refuse to nurture the friendship, but at least, it gives me comfort, knowing that only a few people will be the special ones for me, and it’s okay to not be best friend with a lot of people. Even though I really wanted to.

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