Going to the movies on a “school” night

I wanted to give you an update on my exploration of activities that I planned to enjoy in 2016.

There are some perks to being an adult. You can eat ice cream for dinner, stay up as late as you want and…

Go to the movies on a “school” night.

As an adult you also have to deal with heartburn from eating that ice cream, waking up on time to go to work and all sorts of other responsibilities that I would rather not dwell on.

I put it on my calendar to see a movie during the work week. I found a night where I had no evening meetings and already had a few movies in mind. Putting it on the calendar really does help stick with the commitment.

I left work a few minutes later than planned and hit some always expected traffic, which almost veered me home for fear I was going to be late.

But as a previous avid movie goer and former employee, I know there are at least 20 minutes of previews. And although this timely person dislikes being late, even for previews, I arrived to the ticket booth just on time.

On a Wednesday evening the theatre is not busy. I quickly selected the movie and was pleasantly surprised when my rewards card gave me a “Free Soda” (it will always be pop to me).

I practically skipped inside to the concession booth and got my free cherry coke and small popcorn for whatever outlandish price it cost these days.

I approached the usher to tear my ticket and she replied, “You look so cute! Your outfit, hat and nails all put together!”  Most of the time, my daily interactions include comments from people such as “Oh, you look tired.”  (More likely because I have been staring at my computer screen than actually because I am lacking sleep.) How do you even respond to that? So this compliment was welcomed!

The theatre near our apartment has assigned seating because there are recliners! I made my way in and plopped down ready to watch.

The movie I saw was, “Sisters”, so the company of my two sisters would have been perfect, but it was still a fun movie to go see and there were plenty of ladies in the theatre to enjoy it along with.

Going to movies is similar to reading a great book. It takes you away from reality. It takes your mind off the day you had and introduces you to another world. Even if it’s similar to your own, it’s still not  your life and it still provides an entertaining outlet.

I left the movie feeling rejuvenated because I had truly enjoyed myself. It has been awhile since I have done something like that for myself and it felt great. I think this will become my new once or twice a month ritual!




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