He’s (or She’s) Just Not that Into You

I went and saw this movie over the weekend with a girlfriend. I was hoping that it would be fun and enjoyable to watch, and I am glad it lived up to that standard. Although I’ve heard a lot of negative comments, it doesn’t matter.

Since when are these movies ever to be taken seriously? Since when are we supposed to expect realistc plot lines and stories? We aren’t and that’s the point. Although some situations may have been overexaggerated, so what? It was a fun way to look at the dating scene and if it makes you feel better…yay!

I am also glad that it gave the woman’s perspective and didn’t just focus on what men think of women. It isn’t always the case that the woman is the dumped…now that I’ve been on both sides of a break-up, I understand much better.

Perhaps the movie hit all the stereotypes, and missed the mark a bit, but I laughed and enjoyed the actor’s banter back and forth as the plot thickened. I know I drew a lot on my past experiences as I watched the movie, but if anything, the movie helped me put it all in perspective and helped me to realize that I am willing to wait because it will be worth it in the end. (:

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